4 More Tips for Managing Conflict

In my last post, 4 Tips for Managing Conflict, I gave you four important tips for managing conflict. I want to give you an additional four tips because this is such an important skill to master.

Remember that timing is important as you choose the tips you think will be most effective in your situation.

  1. Stay focused on the people involved. Do not bring in political allies at this point in time.
  2. Know when to bring in a professional mediator, coach or trainer. If the situation remains a conflict, you may have to stop the interaction. For instance, if a person’s behavior conflicts with policies and procedures, you may need to present the situation to your supervisor or consider whether to agree to disagree.
  3. Know when to let it go. You may not be able to alter or avoid some things. Your only option may be to accept and learn from the situation.
  4. Review the commitments people have made at the end of the conversation.

When you want someone to change a behavior, it is critical to first show that you understand where that person is at. When someone feels understood, he or she will be more willing to look at changing. Many times you get what you want by first giving others what they need.

Next step: Try several of the 8 tips I have given you in my last two blog posts. Add more of the tips to build your confidence in managing conflict. Comment below on what you find helpful.

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