Retirement: 4 Strategies to Achieve a Life Worth Living

A big question for early retirees is what will replace work activities to make life worth living.

Positive Psychology is the science of the "good" life which is concerned with character, purpose, and happiness. It is about enhancing personal and professional effectiveness, optimism, and resilience in every stage of your life.

Research studies indicate that focusing on the positives in your life using the following 4 strategies suggested by Kim Cameron, co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship, help you achieve extraordinary results, especially in your retirement years.

  1. Develop strong relationships and build networks.
  2. Communicate openly and honestly; ask for feedback.
  3. Create a positive climate rather than allowing a negative one to develop.
  4. Discover meaning and purpose in what you do.

It is not enough to use the above strategies. To be successful when you use them, you need to develop the following behaviors:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Optimism
  3. Trust
  4. Integrity and honesty

Retirement is a time when it is necessary to build relationships. All of the above behaviors are necessary in healthy relationships.

Maybe you already belong to FaceBook or LinkedIn or another social network on the web. If not, think about joining one of these groups. It is a way to connect with others with similar interests. There are groups you can join based on topics that are important to you.

Look at how you interact with others. How can you make the climate more positive, build networks and relationships, and communicate openly? Ask yourself how certain activities make your life meaningful. Choose activities that are meaningful to you.

Comment below about what strategies make your life worth living.

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