4 Ways to Cope with Conflict

Were you surprised by any of  the elements I discussed in my prior post, Do You Know the Ingredients for Conflict? in a work setting?

Once you are aware of the ingredients for conflict, you are in a better position to manage it.

When conflict occurs, you can choose to react in one of four different ways:

  • You can play the victim and act betrayed. You can complain to those who will listen and create alliances against the offending party. This rarely works because it does not directly address the conflict.
  • You can avoid conflict by withdrawing. You may physically remove yourself from the situation or emotionally and mentally disengage. Sometimes it is appropriate to remove yourself. Be sure to set a time to meet again with only the appropriate people needed to further discuss the issue.
  • You can invite change which may mean compromising. This option is often not considered because it may involve backing down from your original stance. If others are stubbornly attached to their core beliefs, they may think change is the same as failure. However, healthy individuals can look for win-win possibilities that my open the door to creative solutions.
  • You can confront people honestly, openly and candidly. This is the preferred option and involves collaboration. However, it is the most difficult to put into practice because conflict is feared, and people often lack  the skills to work through it.

    To learn more about how to make this last option work for you when you need to manage conflict (and who doesn’t?), my next post focuses on the keys you need to be successful.

    Until then, notice which of the 4 options above you currently use and when. Ask yourself how they help you manage the conflicts you encounter.Comment below about what works for you.

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