5 Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life

We all have times in our life when we face struggles and challenges. During those times, it is easy to feel anxious and/or depressed. Life might not feel meaningful, and it can be far from satisfying.

During times of struggle, it is important to choose to do what you can to boost your sense of satisfaction and well-being. Since this is easier said than done, I am giving you a worksheet that will take you through the steps you need to take to give your life a sense of purpose and direction that enhances your well-being and increases your happiness.

Please complete each of the steps to fully benefit from the worksheet below.

Studies indicate when you identify and successfully pursue cherished needs, goals, values, and wishes in one of the six areas of your life listed below, life becomes more meaningful:

  1. Career and work
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Income and finances
  4. Family and relationships
  5. Social interaction and leisure
  6. Personal development

From the above list, identify the area(s) of life that you are unsatisfied with, that is/are important to you and that you want to change:


What stops you?


How will you know when you have successfully mastered the problem or situation?


What will be different?


Now, choose one or more of the following 5 strategies to boost your satisfaction and increase your overall happiness. Then brainstorm ways to apply it with the goal of improving your overall quality of life.

Strategy Options

1.  Change your circumstances – problem-solve to improve the situation

2.  Change your attitude – find out what really happened, what it means for you and your future. Correct distortions or negative thinking by asking yourself and answering the following questions:

– What is really happening here?

– What does it mean to me?

– What does it say about my ability/worth?

– How will this affect my future options for happiness?

3.  Change your goals and standards – set realistic goals. Experiment with raising or lowering your standards or expectations. Ask yourself:

– What do I really want at this time in my life?

– How much is enough?

– What realistic goals and standards can I see for success in this part of my life?

4.  Change your priorities – consider changing what you think is important in tour life. Re-evaluate your priorities. Emphasize the areas most important to you and those under your control


– What are my priorities? Hint: Put more emphasis on things or areas you can change or control and are important to you.

– List your priorities.

5. Boost your satisfaction in other areas that you care about but have not considered before. It does not have to be a problem right now. This is especially helpful when working on another difficult area that is slow to change.

– What are those areas in your life?

Now,as you think about what you have learned, consider your answers to the 5 strategy options.

– What is your first step?

– What will you do next?

– What resources or helped you need?

– How will you be accountable for your plan?

I hope you will put your ideas into action so they come alive and give you the opportunity to live a full life with a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction.

How can these strategies help you enjoy your life more? I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,






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