Do These Things to Create Well-Being

How important is well-being to you? If you are thinking about retiring, there are three main areas that can affect your well-being: finances, health, and meaning.

We can learn a lot about well-being from Martin Seligman, a research scientist and founder of Positive Psychology. He believes there are actually five important elements that contribute to well-being. In his latest book Flourish (2011), Seligman defines five elements that free people choose in order to have well-being, or as he says, to Flourish!

This is exciting news as it is now possible to know exactly what will help you discover a fulfilling life. Let's look at each of the following elements:

  1. Positive emotion which includes happiness and life satisfaction.
  2. Engagement which indicates you are absorbed in what you are doing.
  3. Relationships which are positive.
  4. Meaning which comes with involvement in something or someone that is greater than you.
  5. Accomplishment or achievement which leads to mastery.

No one element creates well-being. However, when all five elements are present, you will experience well-being and flourishing.

What do you have to do to create well-being?

Begin by doing things that allow you to use your strengths and live your values. It is important to re-examine your need for renewal of body, mind and soul to achieve balance and meaning.

Next, focus on meaningful activities which are purposeful and personally fulfilling. You may develop a skill or try new ideas. It can be other-oriented, demand physical and emotional energy and still be empowering.

This will give you a vision of where you are going which may be profound or simple. It will tell you what is important to you and who your true friends are. It will make you feel you "matter."

To test this out for yourself, see if you can come up with a meaningful activity to engage in for each of the following areas:

  • Improve physical health.
  • Improve emotional and mental well-being.
  • Enhance socialization.
  • Give you status in your community.

Create a plan that engages you so that you will want to pursue it for each of the above areas over several months. Fine tune your plan if necessary so your effort pays off. By taking action, you will reap the rewards of well-being and Flourish!

Comment below about what makes your life fulfilling.

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