6 Tips for Setting Goals You Want to Achieve

Not everyone sets goals. However, setting meaningful goals is critical if you want to reach them in a timely way.

No matter what stage of life you are in, you can benefit by setting goals for yourself. The goal itself needs to motivate you to begin to take action rather than avoid getting started.

The following tips will help you  keep on track as you make progress.

Your goals need to:

  1. Be inspirational or important to you and in harmony with your needs and values so that you can commit to them.
  2. Look at where you "want" to be or what you want to achieve. Have a desired outcome with a "want" mindset which focuses on possibilities rather than a "should" mindset.  "Should" will only slow you down.
  3. Be attainable, interesting, and challenging so you will want to commit to them.
  4. Be specific with realistic dates, numbers, or time frames.
  5. Be measurable to give you feedback at set times. This helps you measure your progress.
  6. Have a deadline or deadlines if you have several steps for larger projects. This helps you stay focused.

Weekly and monthly goals increase your productivity and motivation.  

Effective goals give you direction, motivation, and help you refine your strategy when necessary so that you will be successful.

Start by looking at the possibilities in your life. Then develop a goal that is important to you – matches your values.

Following these six tips will keep you moving forward.

Action Step: Start now by choosing a goal that is important to you. Follow the 6 tips. You will find success is possible.

Add your comments about what helps you set goals.

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