8 More Tips for Increasing Vitality in Retirement

I promised you more strategies on how to have vitality in your retirement at the end of last week's blog post: Do You Want More Vitality in Retirement?  So let me begin by saying it helps to know where you want to put your energy

For instance, doesn't it feel good to wake up in the morning and feel a spark inside of you as you think about your day?

Knowing your values is always a good place to start. It may help to actually think about the things that are important to you in the evening so you will wake up the next morning with a clearer idea of what you want to focus on for the day.

It also helps to picture yourself and how you will feel when you complete something important to you. Make sure you visualize yourself in color and make the picture large. It is more motivating when you do it this way. Doing these two things will prepare you to make your plan for the day.

Here are six additional ways of increasing your vitality. Seek out:

  • Restorative settings, i.e. contact with nature and the arts, listening to music, outdoor challenges.
  • Exercise that is interesting or fun, especially in the morning.
  • Positive social contacts.
  • Things you want to do, not because you have to do them.
  • Involvement in an organization(s) that is meaningful to you.
  • Ways to use your strengths.
  • Doing things you are passionate about – what you love to do.

Whatever strategies you choose will work as long as you are expressing your true nature genuinely in the present moment. Be authentic in the here and now.

If you are feeling stuck and are searching for more satisfaction and meaning in your life, make vitality a priority. It will enhance your sense of well-being. Also, the health benefits physically and psychologically are an added plus.

I would love to hear about what creates vitality for you.

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