Retirement: Are You Ready to Achieve a Life Worth Living?

Are you ready to achieve a life worth living?

If you were asked if you wanted to achieve a life worth living, you would probably respond, "Of course, I do." Notice that I asked a different question. I asked if you were ready.

People may want many things. However, that does not mean they will be motivated to do what needs to be done to achieve what they want.

So, how can you know if you are ready to do something?

Begin by listening to yourself and the words you use when you are talking about what you want to do. There are six words that give you clues as to how ready you are to take action:

  1. Wish
  2. Can
  3. Want
  4. Need
  5. Will
  6. Should

In my next post, you will find out what you can learn about yourself or someone else when each of these words is used. In the meantime, notice how you feel when you hear yourself saying these words. You may feel anxious, confident, motivated, scared, guilty, brave, strong, weak, or a combination of some of these words.

Action step: Let me know what you discover. I look forward to hearing from you.

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