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CommunicationAre you creating meaningful relationships at home and at work? Read my last post, The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships for background information about the importance of creating meaningful relationships.

People of all ages are using social media to connect with others. In some ways connecting with others has never been easier. Yet how many of these relationships are actually meaningful?

Psychic energy has become the key to creating and sustaining relationships. When you are with someone important to you and you are sharing activities, ideas, emotions, dreams or memories, you are using psychic energy. It can happen in your personal and your professional life. Barbara Fredrickson writes about these micro moments in her recent book Love 2.0.

You may wonder how you get this type of energy. It is not as difficult as you might think. There are two sources:

  1. Focusing your attenion.
  2. Using your strengths.

You choose to put psychic energy into your relationships by investing attention in others' goals, taking time to listen, sharing activities, ideas, emotions, memories and dreams. This requires an investment of thought, time and energy on your part. Any positive emotion you share with others creates a micro moment or connection between the two of you. Fredrickson's research indicates this connection is felt in your body at a cellular level that will last for around three months.

To build and keep healthy relationships, here are some things you need to understand about others:

  • What their goals are.
  • What is important to them.
  • What makes them proud.
  • How to support or participate in activities that are important to them.
  • How to let them know they are appreciated.

To understand how important psychic energy is, remember when someone took the time to give this kind of energy to your relationship. What was that like for you? When you give others increased attention and concentration, it helps you determine:

  • What they are interested in now.
  • What they are involved in or doing.
  • How it is going.
  • What they are trying to accomplish or have accomplished.
  • How you can participate or support them.

Taking the time to know the above information about the important people in your life decreases stress and builds strong feelings of connection and harmony at a cellular levell and in your personal life. Sharing positive emotions and making positive connections with others increases your resilience.

In your work setting, it also helps to build trust and engagement. Trusted leaders know this information about their staff or people they supervise. It is this kind of information that helps you delegate effectively. You not only accomplish your goals, you help others reach theirs as well.

If you want to enrich a relationship and strengthen your role as a leader, try investing psychic energy (thoughtful attention and support) with the employees you supervise.

How often do you take time to do this in your personal life and with others at work? When you do, you will notice the difference in your relationships in a week. While Tweets and other social media comments can be seen as supportive, they are not usually enough to develop meaningful relationships.

I encourage you to take time to communicate with important people in your personal and professional life at this level. Begin by asking some of the above questions. Be open to learning new information as the answers can change over time. Comment below on what you experience when you do this.

What do you think?

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