What Changes Do You Want This Year?

This is the time of year that I like to choose 3 words that will be my theme for the year. Last year my three words were: health, focus and joy. This works much better for me than making resolutions. This year I have chosen simplify, playful, and I’m keeping joy. These three words will […]

Do You Use This Skill to Decrease Stress?

Stress is your reaction to people or things going on around you. It can be when something good happens like getting a job you want, going on a vacation or when something bad happens, such as illness, a traffic ticket or tension at home. if you suffer from excess stress levels you could always try […]

What You Need to Do to Make Better Decisions

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make appropriate decisions confidently? Yes, we all make decisions on a daily basis. Actually, most of the small ones don’t require much thought. It is the bigger decisions that require more time and thought that we worry about and can even cause us to get stuck. The definition for decision-making […]

5 Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life

We all have times in our life when we face struggles and challenges. During those times, it is easy to feel anxious and/or depressed. Life might not feel meaningful, and it can be far from satisfying. During times of struggle, it is important to choose to do what you can to boost your sense of satisfaction and […]

Tips on How To Be More Inspiring

Are you able to inspire people?  This means after listening to you, they will feel motivated to think, feel or do something you both value or feel is important. Inspiring people is part of motivation and requires good Emotional Intelligence in the area of Relationship Management. Not only do you need to have good self-awareness, […]

You Can Stop Feeling Frustrated

Feelings of frustration are something we may all feel occasionally. How successful you will be depends on how you choose to manage those feelings. Since they hamper success, it is important to know what to do when this happens. The feeling of frustration is a signal that something is not going well. It can happen […]

Does Strategic Optimism Help Leaders Lead?

Information from over ten years of research in the areas of Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Psychology are being used in businesses and organizations to create Strategic Optimism. Strategic Optimism means having a positive expectation for the future that contributes to flourishing and well-being. Human flourishing is described as the sum of positive emotions, positive actions […]