9 Proven Choices You Can Make To Be Resilient

Building your resilience is something that begins in childhood and continues throughout life. You might think of it as a skill that gets better with practice. When there are stressful situations, you can ask for accurate feedback​ from people you trust in order to further develop your resilience. The following ideas will get you started.

Resilience is sometimes referred to as "hardiness." When you are hardy, you know how to keep a positive mindset and believe you can:

  • Learn and grow from both positive and negative experiences.
  • Buffer your exposure to stress.
  • Influence your surroundings and the outcome of events.

If you are not able to believe you can influence your surroundings and the outcome of events in all situations, which ones are you able to believe that?  

Some ways you can buffer your exposure to stress are:

  • Learn to say "no" in certain situations
  • Set up boundaries for yourself that help you set limits.
  • Take time for reflection; take breaks.
  • Get plenty of rest and make healthy food choices.
  • Exercise to release tension.
  • Choose to be around supportive people.
  • Prioritize the things you have to do.
  • Find ways to laugh and play

These are all ways you build your emotional strength so you are resilient to life's challenges. In addition, here are 9 choices you can make that will make you more resilient:

  1. Choose to approach others first rather than wait for them to initiate a conversation.
  2. Choose to make a plan that matches your important values so you achieve something important to you each day – .
  3. Choose to have fun each day – put some joy in your life daily.
  4. Choose to seek out what is good in yourself, in others, in things, and in situations as opposed to what is bad.
  5. Choose to be consistent between what you say and what you do.
  6. Choose to be specific in what you say and what you do as opposed to being general.
  7. Choose to be more in the NOW than in the past or future.
  8. Choose to check in with your senses to be more in the present – what do you see, feel, hear, and smell.
  9. Choose to seek out positive alternatives to reduce stress that occurs daily in your life.
When you are feeling anxious, frustrated, disappointed, or overwhelmed, choose to do at least two of the above options to be resilient. Doing several things will help you feel more positive in a short period of time. Having courage, curiosity, and perseverance as strengths will also help you continue on your path of becoming the remarkable person you are meant to be.

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