Tips on How To Be More Inspiring

Are you able to inspire people?  This means after listening to you, they will feel motivated to think, feel or do something you both value or feel is important. Inspiring people is part of motivation and requires good Emotional Intelligence in the area of Relationship Management. Not only do you need to have good self-awareness, […]

Want to Build More Trust? Start Doing This

Positive conversations work better than negative ones when you are trying to develop trust and influence others. In the work setting, they can inspire others to take action, drive business results, and complete tasks. In your personal life, they help create respect and get cooperation.  Also, when you are able to project your positive intentions, others are more likely […]

Do This to Decrease Tension In Your Relationships

With holidays quickly approaching you may find yourself in more situations where there is tension. It might be with a co-worker, friend, or family member. When this happens, you need to know there are some beginning steps you can take to work through the tension without damaging your relationship. Positive Psychology research indicates promising results […]

How Many Characteristics of Positive Communication Do You Have?

Summer often gives us more opportunities to socialize and have more contact with friends and family. This means we will be communicating a lot in both work and volunteer environments, and also social situations. With all of these opportunities, it seems this is a good time to review what the characteristics of positive communication are. […]

Begin Creating Meaningful Relationships Today

Are you creating meaningful relationships at home and at work? Read my last post, The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships for background information about the importance of creating meaningful relationships. People of all ages are using social media to connect with others. In some ways connecting with others has never been easier. Yet how many […]

The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships

No matter what type of life you are in, relationships increase your satisfaction with life and your level of happiness. Recent research indicates that meaningful relationships are not limited to marriage. This is good news as our population has an increasing number of single households. What is known about relationships? Since the type of relationships […]

Sharpen Your Listening Skills to Improve Your Relationships

Do you have a relationship you want to improve? Begin by sharpening your listening skills. Listening is an often over looked communication skill in building relationships whether they are personal or work related. Lately, I have been getting more questons about how to be a good listner. I’m glad people are realizing the value in […]

Are Harsh Retirement Realities Making You Stuck?

Recently the Chicago Tribune had an article on its front page about retirement with the subtitle: “Harsh realities of busted system have boomers stuck in the workforce.” While I am well aware of the many challenges for Boomers thinking about rertirement (many of my clients are Boomers), I was shocked by the use of the […]

Discover the Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Having others to share our thoughts and feelings with makes life more meaningful. To have healthy relationships, it is important to know how to nurture and care for them. If you want healthier relationships, the following statements will give you insight into which behaviors come naturally for […]

Retirement: Are You Ready to Live a Life Worth Living? – part 2

In my last post, I listed six words that give you clues about how ready you are to achieve a life worth living: 1.  Wish, 2.  Can,3.  Want, 4.  Need, 5.  Will, and 6.  Should. Let's look at what you can learn about yourself or someone else when you use these words. The word wish […]