Increase Your Ability to Focus Today

Have you noticed it is harder to stay focused as you age? Perhaps, you are finding you get distracted more easily. Discover how you can increase your ability to focus starting today. Distractions happen. They can be all around you, or they can happen unexpectedly. With the advances in technology, interruptions are not only common, […]

Decide to Create a Meaningful Life – Part 2

In my previous post, the importance of feeling loved and belonging was discussed. It is the first condition needed to live a meaningful life. The second important condition is having goals that allow you to use your strengths to create states of flow or engagement. This is often referred to as a need for competence […]

5 Tips for Bringing More Balance in Your Life

When you are trying to look for more balance in your life, begin to think of life as a series of sprints rather than a marathon. This allows you to push during crunch times followed by rest or play. The downtime is seen as necessary for your body and brain to process the information and […]