Leaders: How To Be Highly Valued

As a leader, it is important to be highly valued. While there are many leadership attributes that add to a leader's value, one of the most critical though is to have the ability to create  harmony in the workplace and get the feedback you need to be effective. Doing this focuses you and your employees on being […]

What a Strategic Optimist Needs to Know

Information from over ten years of research in the areas of Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Psychology are being used in businesses and organizations to create Strategic Optimism. This same type of optimism is equally important in your personal life. Strategic Optimism means having a positive expectation for the future that contributes to flourishing and […]

Begin Creating Meaningful Relationships Today

Are you creating meaningful relationships at home and at work? Read my last post, The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships for background information about the importance of creating meaningful relationships. People of all ages are using social media to connect with others. In some ways connecting with others has never been easier. Yet how many […]

Do You Know the Ingredients for Conflict?

Since conflict is unavoidable, it is important to develop strategies for understanding and managing conflict in your life. I like to think of conflict as a signal that something is trying to happen. For instance, you will notice conflict any time you are in a situation where there are different opinions and ideas. Conflict tends […]

Leadership: How Emotional Intelligence Helps

There has been an increase in requests for the training I do in the area of Emotional Intelligence over the last two years. According to the 2011 Sherpa Executive Coaching survey, there is renewed interest in helping emerging leaders get better at their role. Emerging leaders want personal development that increases confidence, motivation and communication […]

Do You Know What Is Expected of You at Work?

Gallup researchers found that knowing what is expected of you at work was the most important predictor of job performance. Knowing what is expected of you increases: Productivity Profitability Creativity Happy customers. Knowing what is expected also decreases accidents in the workplace. People tend to act in ways that are consistent with others’ expectations of […]