Do You Want More Vitality in Retirement?

Vitality is essential at any age. As you age, it continues to play a key role in your life. Vitality is one of five Character Strengths measured by the Values in Action (VIA) inventory that correlates strongly with satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being. Vitality can also be described as zest, enthusiasm, energy (physical, mental, and […]

Looking for Happiness? Here’s Where You Will Find It!

Yes, feeling happy in life is important! However, some people object to the word "happiness." If that is you, change it to a word you are comfortable with such as "content," "sense of well-being," or "fulfilled." Any of those words imply that there are many benefits to feeling positive about your life. Unfortunately, there are […]

5 Tips for Bringing More Balance in Your Life

When you are trying to look for more balance in your life, begin to think of life as a series of sprints rather than a marathon. This allows you to push during crunch times followed by rest or play. The downtime is seen as necessary for your body and brain to process the information and […]