Retirement: Are You Ready to Live a Life Worth Living? – part 2

In my last post, I listed six words that give you clues about how ready you are to achieve a life worth living: 1.  Wish, 2.  Can,3.  Want, 4.  Need, 5.  Will, and 6.  Should. Let's look at what you can learn about yourself or someone else when you use these words. The word wish […]

8 Tips to Increase Creative Ideas in Children and Others

In general, young children are naturally creative. Sometimes they come up with more ideas than you can keep up with. They also suggest a lot of things that you know won’t work. This can happen with adults too. How is it best to respond to these situations? 1. Encouraging creativity or innovation in children and […]

What Do You Have to Manage To Be More Effective?

A new year is about to begin. After thinking about what went well for you in 2010, you need to think about your role in making that happen. Did you: Practice using new skills that you have learned? Develop healthy eating, exercise and sleep habits? Think more positively when you were feeling stressed? Remember to […]

3 Decisions You Can Make to Increase Your Motivation

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about motivation. It seems that a lot of people are feeling stuck. The economy is still struggling and unemployment remains high. In addition, we are going into a busy time of year with holidays approaching. “To-do” lists get longer and day light hours get shorter. Longer […]