Do You Know What to Focus On?

Are there too many things clamoring for your attention? Deciding what to focus on and what to delete in your day to day life requires a high level of self-awareness.

When you are considering retirement, you have a lot of decisions to make. Hopefully, you will have opportunities and options that you are excited about as you move through the transition to this next stage in your life. To make your life meaningful and fulfilling, one of the first things you need to do is to decide what to focus on and what to delete.

Let's look at why this can be challenging. Neuro-scientists know that our five senses process about 11 million pieces of information per second. Imagine the power of a processor that can process that much information. However, only 40 pieces enter our conscious awareness. Even that number is too high for focused attention to be effective. You end your day feeling exhausted from sorting incoming information and deciding what to delete throughout the day.

Over time you become programmed to choose what to pay attention to based on important filters. I find it helpful to focus on these two important filters:

  1. Beliefs
  2. Values

What are some of your beliefs?

Your beliefs have a way of focusing your attention. In some ways, they are a short-cut so that you will be able to make a decision as quickly as possible. You attract people and situations according to your beliefs. For instance, if you believe it is fun to do things with people who enjoy music, you will choose to do things that involve music.

You also find ways to make things you believe come true. This works best when you decide what to believe based on the outcome you want, and then visualize it. For example, if you believe you will enjoy your retirement more if you are located close to family, and you can picture yourself happily living close to family, usually you will choose actions that will make you prepared to relocate to be near them if necessary.

What are your top 5 values?

Values (your second filter) indicate what is important to you.  A way to identify your top values is to notice what you are doing and with whom you are spending your time. If playing golf is important to you, you will be looking for other people who also like to play golf and setting up times to play together.

Values are one of your best sources of motivation because they often use your top strengths. You will find yourself more engaged in doing things that are important to you and you excel in. If friendships are important to you, you may have strengths in kindness or the ability to love and be loved.

The important thing to be aware of is that you choose your beliefs and your values (what is important to you). Whenever you change what you believe, you change what you do and do not pay focus on. The same is true for your values. Being able to understand these choices gives you much more control over your life.

You have a choice. You can live your life in a programmed way or develop the awareness and flexibility needed to live the life of your dreams.

When you choose to change a belief or value, notice how this makes you feel and act. When you do this, also notice what or whom you attract. By doing this, you will discover important things to focus on and things you can delete for now.

What's your best advice? Comment below about what helps you know what to focus on and what to delete in your life?

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