Do You Know What to Listen For in Positive Communication?

Emotions are contagious and infect your language. When this happens communication can become more negative or more positive.

Negative language has a profoundly negative impact on your ability to enjoy your life and to take the actions you need to take. Negative language reflects a negative mindset which closes you down. It decreases your energy and your ability to think.  Unfortunately, it can increase conflict and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In contrast, an inspired mindset shifts the way you see the world and your daily experience of life. Your communication becomes positive, upbeat, optimistic, and passionate. It focuses on solutions and describes situations in terms of what you want to have happen not what you want someone to do. It encourages others and takes time to listen.

Listening is an important and active part of communication because it conveys caring, a willingness to learn, and understanding. When you are listening, you can learn to listen for:

  • Feelings conveyed by words or body language.
  • Physical cues conveyed by posture.
  • Facts or information about a situation.
  • Thoughts, beliefs, or ideas about a situation.
  • Attitudes conveyed by negative or positive language.
  • Opinions which indicate what might be done.
  • Contradictions, themes, or inconsistencies over time identify problem areas.

Positive communication includes effective listening skills which require patience. The payoff in your personal and professional life is well worth it. Start today and see how quickly you will see this is a way to:

  • Keep hope alive (optimism).
  • Build relationships based on participation.
  • Renew trust, confidence, and faith.
  • Increase team spirit and resilience.

Learn to be a positive force in your life and the life of others. Go to to sign up for a private strategy meeting to help you get a jump start in moving forward in your life. Leave a comment below.

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