Do You Need a Relaxing Vacation?

Do you have some vacation time planned for this summer? I hope so because it is good to balance work and leisure time (although they do not have to be equal). If you don’t have anything planned then now might be the time to think of somewhere to go. Why not consider going to somewhere like Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop?

Sometimes it is difficult for people who work to actually slow down during a vacation. Some people don’t feel confident away from their own home. Maybe purchasing a second home for vacations would help overcome this. After all, there are beaufort sc luxury homes for sale. It’s even possible with technology to take your work with you when you are on vacation. But does that defeat the purpose of a vacation? I know that many people would scoff at the idea of doing any work while sitting pretty in somewhere like st. barts, but many people can find it hard to switch off for a vacation.

Obviously, we have numerous ways to stay connected to people at work while we are gone. It’s also possible to stay connected to friends and family just about wherever we are. In fact, it has become hard to find a place to go where you have no connection. Here are some statistics:

  • The majority of working Americans return from vacation feeling rested
  • However, about 30% have trouble coping with work stress while vacationing
  • About half of all employers expect employees to check in while vacationing
  • Under 5% suffer from “leisure sickness,” actually getting anxious about work related things when vacationing
  • About 20% have canceled or postponed vacation plans because of work at some time in their life
  • More than half of those employed say they need a vacation more now than in the past several years

We know that work can be satisfying and give life meaning. It also may be where you have friends. However, it is healthy to take breaks in order to recharge, relax and have a change from your daily routine. We also know change can add to stress. Taking a vacation can be a source of “good” stress, like getting a raise or a promotion.

If you are planning a vacation, here are some suggestions to make it a true time of renewal and relaxation:

  • Choose to do something that has the potential to be relaxing for you. Scuba diving works or other active sports for some people and not for others
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be realistic about how much you can do in the time you have; don’t over-schedule yourself
  • Have a plan that includes some physical activity
  • Set clear expectations with your office about the type of and how much contact you will have
  • Plan to have a good time doing things you enjoy
  • If traveling with others, include people you enjoy traveling with
  • Keep your mind in the present to avoid worrying
  • Have an attitude of playfulness and fun

Following the above suggestions can help you make your time away from the office or your regular routine worthwhile.

What can you add to this list to personalize it for yourself? Have a fun and relaxing vacation.

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