Enthusiasm: Do You Want More?

In thinking about what makes people come across positive in their lives, I am convinced that enthusiasm or vitality, one of the 24 Character Strengths in Positive Psychology, plays a key role. It is one of five Character Strengths that correlates strongly with satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being.

Enthusiasm can also be described as zest, vitality, energy (physical, mental, and emotional), and aliveness. It is also thought of as a life force, a power to live or go on living. It is about living your purpose and having a meaningful life. 

Sometimes high energy levels can be misinterpreted. Usually though, true enthusiasm is not impulsiveness, anger, or nervous energy from too much caffeine. Instead it comes from living your purpose.

Studies indicate feelings are contagious. When you feel enthusiastic, others around you will feel enthusiastic. People feel drawn to others who have a sense of aliveness. Unfortunately, the opposite is true also. Think about a time you were with someone who did not want to be part of the group. What effect did that have on you and others?

Enthusiasm is personal. People pursue it differently. Usually, when you express your true nature genuinely, positively, and in the present, you feel energized. This is because you have more vitality when you are authentic – when you are living out your values or are doing something important to you. Notice how it is contagious.

Beware of stress, fear, and anxiety. They decrease enthusiasm because they create worry. Worry quickly uses up your energy supply. Other blocks to enthusiasm are: smoking, poor diet, and inactivity. Most things that have a negative effect on your physical health and mood lower your vitality.

Enthusiasm leads to optimal human functioning or fulfillment. It is essential for you to be a positive force in your life and the life of others. Factors that contribute to higher levels of enthusiasm are:

  • Having a sense of personal mastery and control.
  • Being happy.
  • Having good health practices – diet, exercise, using stress reduction techniques appropriately, not smoking.
  • Sleeping well.
  • Having a sense of personal worth or value; seeing yourself as worthwhile and capable.
  • Enjoying supportive relationships and intimacy.

Having enthusiasm is feeling that spark inside of you in the moment. It is choosing to live life with vitality, savoring and enjoying it. It means choosing to live life fully and positively and leads to well-being.

What factors above will help you be more enthusiastic? Make a plan to focus on the  steps you need to take to have more enthusiasm. You will be glad you did. 

If you are committed to making this happen in your life and want help, contact me at mdpcoach@pattencoaching.com.

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