Facts to Know about Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence looks at how we handle ourselves and our relationships. It is your ability to think intelligently about your feelings regarding events and how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions. In work situations, new measures of success require not only being smart, well trained, and experienced but also how well you handle yourself and others.

Research studies involving Emotional Intelligence (EI) since the mid-nineties point to the following 7 facts:

  1. EI is not set or innate; it can be learned.
  2. Need for EI increases with increased levels of responsibility.
  3. Moods and emotions are contagious.
  4. Up to 80% of life success will be determined by EI.
  5. EI influences success in 4 areas of life: relationships, performance, healthy and quality of life.
  6. EI determines who excels in any given job.
  7. EI is the basis for outstanding leadership.

Here are some things EI accomplishes:

  • Motivates you to do your best.
  • Strengthens trust to build productive relationships.
  • Builds resilience to perform under pressure.
  • Increases confidence and courage to make good decisions.
  • Builds strength to persevere through adversity – resilience.
  • Clarifies your vision to create the future.

Until we know and understand ourselves, we have little hope of being our best, let alone living life to its full potential, enjoying true life satisfaction, or helping others be their best. Improving EI helps people be more effective in their career and have a more fulfilling personal life.

Action Step: Once you know what your EI is in several areas, practice new behaviors in a supportive environment. Be open to honest feedback for your continued awareness and skill building.

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