Are Your Beliefs Preventing You from Being Happy?

Life is filled with beliefs. Adults make choices about how to spend their time, what activities they will participate in and how much they will spend on things based on their beliefs. Faith is actually a choice you make about what you believe the deeper questions in life are about.

I have been giving a lot of thought lately about beliefs and the role they play in life, especially if you are considering retiring.

The dictionary defines belief as anything believed or accepted as true. It means to have trust or confidence in something as true or real. It can also be a conviction, opinion, or something you have faith in.

Your beliefs define who you are as a person. You might also think of them as being related to what you value in life. As such, they are important to you. Whether you are aware of it or not, your beliefs influence choices you make or your decisions. Your friendships and marriage are based on your beliefs.

When you are able to live your life based on your beliefs, your life feels more meaningful. You are more fulfilled and at peace with yourself.

Having thought about beliefs a lot over the last several weeks, let me share one of my core beliefs: I believe too many people unknowingly keep themselves small and limited instead of becoming the fully vibrant and self-expressed person they are born to be. I believe to experience the truth about your own potential, you must deeply know yourself to fulfill your dreams and be the masterful person you can be. 

As you welcome spring and the sense of a new beginning spring can bring:

  • Think of three of your beliefs. What do they tell you about yourself?
  • If you had to write about one of your most important beliefs, what would you write?
  • Choose to do at least one thing daily that lets you act on your beliefs.

Your beliefs guide your life and make it more meaningful. Do you think what a person believes about something is important? Let me know one of your important beliefs.

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