If You Want a Bucket List, Try This

Do you have a bucket list?

Let me begin by describing what a bucket list is meant to be. The term comes from an old saying “kick the can” which meant someone died.  In 2007, the term Bucket List was the title of a popular movie about 2 older men who had terminal illnesses. They decided to live their last months of life doing things that were important to them before they died. The term “bucket list” caught on and is now used to describe a wish list of things to do before you die or “kick the bucket.”

Not everyone wants a bucket list. However, there is a growing trend for people to have a bucket list. It might be 100 Things to Do before I Kick the Bucket or 150 Places to See before I Die. The idea is the same. The benefit in having a bucket list is that you think about the things that are important to you to do because they will:

  • Be meaningful to you
  • Give you a sense of peace or calm and
  • Bring you joy.

I’m suggesting if you make a bucket list, it can be because there is something important for you to do – not just because you are going to die. Try putting a twist on your list by including some of the following ideas:

  • 1 thing you will do this week that is outside your comfort zone. (It will build confidence.)
  • 1 thing you will do this month that scares the holy heck out of you like skydiving or, less extreme, Napa Valley Balloons. (It will build resilience.)
  • 1 place to visit this month that you have never been. (It will widen your perspective.)
  • 1 nice thing you can do for someone else this month, anonymously. (It will increase your happiness.)
  • 1 kind thing you can do for yourself or for your health. (It will improve your health.)

A traditional bucket list has items that can be hard to attain. With this modified list, you can see there are many ways to expand your horizon in smaller ways, build your resilience and increase your well-being. 

I hope you will have fun as you try some of these ideas. Let me know what else you would add to the above list by commenting below. I enjoy hearing from you.

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