Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Self-Esteem?

Over the years, there has been a lot written about the importance of self-esteem. There are advocates for increasing self-esteem as well as people who believe self-esteem can be a deterrent to success. 

To me, self-esteem is more than self-confidence. It is the belief in yourself that says you have the right to be successful and happy. It is also a feeling of being worthy and deserving of having your needs and wants fulfilled. Self-esteem is not a gift bestowed by others outside of you nor can it be taken from you. It is something that begins in early childhood and continues to develop throughout life. Because of that it has been said self-esteem is an "inside" job. 

Take the quiz below to find out how healthy your elf-esteem is. Even though your answers won't be scored, you will have a good understanding of what it takes to have healthy self-esteem by the time you answer the 20 statements below:

T/F   1. I have a right to honor my needs and wants – to treat them as important.

T/F   2. Nobody has the power to determine how I will think and feel about myself.

T/F   3. I am competent to cope with the basic challenges of life.

T/F   4. When I suffer some defat or setback, I am able to rise again.

T/F   5. I will usually be liked and respected by the people I like and respect.

T/F   6. If someone I like doesn't return my feelings. I don't take it as a reflection of my personal worth.

T/F   7. I am worthy of happiness.

T/F   8. I take pleasure in being alive.

T/F   9. I can talk honestly about both my shortcomings and accomplishments.

T/F  10. I am able to accept criticism with openness and non-defensiveness.

T/F  11. I am able to give and receive compliments and expressions of appreciation.

T/F  12. I am open to and curious about new ideas, new experiences and new possibilities of life.

T/F  13. I am able to laugh at myself and find the humor in life.

T/F  14. I am flexible and able to respond to life's challenges and situations.

T/F  15. I am able to speak my needs and wants and set boundaries where needed.

T/F  16. I am not intimidated or overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety or insecurity.

T/F  17. I have a right to make mistakes.

T/F  18. I do not pretend my convictions are different than they are in order to win approval.

T/F  19. No one has the right to force on me ideas and values I do not accept.

T/F  20. My happiness and self-realization are noble purposes.

If you marked "true" on most of the questions and think you might have too much self-esteem, don't worry. Saying you have too much self-esteem is like saying you have too powerful an immune system or that your health is too good! Consider any notes you might have written by each statement in the quiz in evaluating how healthy your self-esteem is.

If you have questions or want to talk about your response to this quiz, add your comments below or email me: mailto:mdpcoach@pattencoaching.com 

I enjoy hearing from you.

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