Retiring: Do You Do This To Create a Meaningful Life?

In retirement, it is sometimes a challenge to establish the two important conditions needed for feelings of meaning and fulfillment. These two conditions are:

  1. Being able to feel and give love and having a sense of belonging.
  2. Having and pursuing goals that allow you to use your strengths so you will be engaged and experience flow.

In addition to the above two conditions, Jonathan Haidt describes a third condition in his book, The Happiness Hypothesis, 2006.

This post describes this third and last condition needed for meaning and fulfillment which is:

  • Knowing you make a contribution to something greater than yourself.

This might be a political or faith issue or a cause that is important to you. It usually matches one or more of your top values. The contribution may be something you do in your professional life or in your personal life. You may be volunteering in the community or active in your church or place of worship. You may be coaching a sports team or involved with scouting for your children, or grandchildren.

What you choose in this area will depend on your interests and values. It is something that allows you to use your strengths as you strive to make the world a better place. It provides you the opportunity to live your values by actively participating in something that is important to you.

For instance, once you establish the following three conditions, your life becomes more meaningful. Don't miss out. Start today to:

  1. Connect with others showing compassion.
  2. Use your strengths in your professional and/or personal life.
  3. Make choices that contribute to something greater than yourself.

In summary, to bring a sense of fulfillment and meaning in your life, commit to getting the right relationship between yourself and:

  • Others.
  • Your work or environment.
  • Something larger than yourself.

Happiness will follow. It is a by-product of the choices you are making.

To make your life more meaningful, what steps will you take now to establish these conditions? If you are stuck or struggling about making your life meaningful, let's talk. Send me an email to set up a time we can talk. It will give you a jumpstart in being successful in an area of your life that is important to you.

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