Do These Things to Create Well-Being

How important is well-being to you? If you are thinking about retiring, there are three main areas that can affect your well-being: finances, health, and meaning. We can learn a lot about well-being from Martin Seligman, a research scientist and founder of Positive Psychology. He believes there are actually five important elements that contribute to […]

Resilience: 7 Steps Get You There

Resilience is about building mental and emotional toughness, something we all need in our world today. It is necessary in both our personal and professional life. All relationships require resilience if they are going to be maintained, especially when there is a serious health problem for you or a family member. For that matter, can […]

What Do You Have to Manage To Be More Effective?

A new year is about to begin. After thinking about what went well for you in 2010, you need to think about your role in making that happen. Did you: Practice using new skills that you have learned? Develop healthy eating, exercise and sleep habits? Think more positively when you were feeling stressed? Remember to […]