What You Can Do to Improve Your Social Competence

Social Competence is important at work and in your personal life. It brings happiness, satisfaction, and a sense of well-being by adding meaning to your life.Research has found it also  increases life expectancy,   Neuroscience reveals we are "wired to connect" with others. Daily interactions with others shape our brains and can have a positive biological impact. We […]

Basic Steps To Be More Resilient

Resilience is a composite of skills or abilities that are learned over time. It is an important factor in Emotional Intelligence which is necessary for forming and keeping healthy relationships, being successful at work and maintaining your physical health. Resilience has been said to be essential to being a mature, emotionally healthy adult. When things […]

Facts to Know about Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence looks at how we handle ourselves and our relationships. It is your ability to think intelligently about your feelings regarding events and how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions. In work situations, new measures of success require not only being smart, well trained, and experienced but also how well you handle yourself […]