Be Successful with This Attitude: Realistic Optimism

Much has been written about the value of optimism. Some people believe success will come easily if you are just optimistic – sort of like wishful thinking. Unfortunately, life isn't as easy as visualizing what you want and waiting for it to happen. I know this from personal experience. Does this mean optimism is not helpful? […]

Unhappy? Proven Steps To Be Happier

Are there things in your life right now that you are unhappy about? Maybe you might be feeling stuck or having problems with a relationship. It is possible to live an engaging and meaningful life even if it is not possible at this time to be extremely happy. For instance, you might be waiting for […]

You Need to Know These Facts about Working in Retirement

What has happened to retirement? It wasn’t that many years ago when everybody understood what retirement meant, they would throw a big “surprise” party, complete with Retirement Party Favors and decorations, and that would be it. However, retirement as it use to be – the end of your working life and the beginning of a […]

The Key to Creating Meaningful Relationships

No matter what type of life you are in, relationships increase your satisfaction with life and your level of happiness. Recent research indicates that meaningful relationships are not limited to marriage. This is good news as our population has an increasing number of single households. What is known about relationships? Since the type of relationships […]

Do You Want to Increase Engagement and Happiness

Are you tired of feeling like you are just going through the motions in life? How would things be different if you felt excited or passionate about your life? Some of the best facts about the importance of engagement in life come from the work area where disengagement has been closely studied. According to the recent […]

Is Retirement Time to Return School?

 ”Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself ” ~ John Dewey As schools start the new academic year, do you yearn to learn something? For many adults, this is an exciting time to think about reinventing themselves. This is especially true for people considering retirement or newly retired.  There are two good […]

Thinking about Retiring: Do You Do This?

There is a lot to think about when you think about retiring. It can be overwhelming. Of course, the financial planning piece is crucial. Hopefully, you have been working on that for a while.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the only thing you need to be thinking about. In addition to financial planning I recommend you take […]