Retiring? 5 Warning Signs You Are Stuck

Deciding to retire is a major decision in your life. This is especially true for Boomers because there are no models that fit all of the challenges ahead. With a possible 25 plus years added to your life span, there are a lot of decisions to be made in three main areas of your life. These […]

Retiring: 4 Secrets to Make Change Positive

Retiring means making a significant change in your life. That is a major reason you may have mixed feelings about "retiring." These changes have an impact on six areas of your life: Career and work Health and wellness Income and finances Family and relationships Social interaction and leisure Personal development Just the idea of beginning […]

Retirement: Why You Need to Plan Ahead Sooner

Retirement in the 21st. century is a new concept. The transition from full time work to full time retirement is a new stage in life that may take many years. It is time to start imagining your life with a thirty year bonus! There is no model for current retirees to follow because there has […]

Do You Want More Vitality in Retirement?

Vitality is essential at any age. As you age, it continues to play a key role in your life. Vitality is one of five Character Strengths measured by the Values in Action (VIA) inventory that correlates strongly with satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being. Vitality can also be described as zest, enthusiasm, energy (physical, mental, and […]

Is Retirement Time to Return School?

 ”Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself ” ~ John Dewey As schools start the new academic year, do you yearn to learn something? For many adults, this is an exciting time to think about reinventing themselves. This is especially true for people considering retirement or newly retired.  There are two good […]

Too Busy Planning to Retire? Try These 6 Tips

When you are thinking about retiring, there is a lot to consider. This is especially true because now retirement usually means finding a way to do something that will make you feel like you matter, give your life meaning, possibly bring in some income, and enjoy yourself  - all crucial ingredients for your well-being. It […]

Retiring Options: Do You Want a Gap Year?

I want to share with you a blog post by John Duckworth, a partner at the financial planning firm, Trust Company of Illinois (TCI). I presented a seminar for them in June entitled How to Have an Extraordinary Retirement without Compromise. One of the things I mentioned in the seminar was the option of taking […]

What Does It Mean to Retire?

Several months ago, I did a pre-retirement seminar for the Trust Company of Illinois (TCI), a financial planning company in Illinois. Afterwards, John Duckworth, a partner for the company wrote a blog post about the seminar. I thought you might find it interesting to read his comments about the seminar as he has firsthand experience […]