How Many Characteristics of Positive Communication Do You Have?

Summer often gives us more opportunities to socialize and have more contact with friends and family. This means we will be communicating a lot in both work and volunteer environments, and also social situations. With all of these opportunities, it seems this is a good time to review what the characteristics of positive communication are. […]

Sharpen Your Listening Skills to Improve Your Relationships

Do you have a relationship you want to improve? Begin by sharpening your listening skills. Listening is an often over looked communication skill in building relationships whether they are personal or work related. Lately, I have been getting more questons about how to be a good listner. I'm glad people are realizing the value in […]

Do You Know What to Listen For in Positive Communication?

Emotions are contagious and infect your language. When this happens communication can become more negative or more positive. Negative language has a profoundly negative impact on your ability to enjoy your life and to take the actions you need to take. Negative language reflects a negative mindset which closes you down. It decreases your energy […]