Decide to Create a Meaningful Life – Part 2

In my previous post, the importance of feeling loved and belonging was discussed. It is the first condition needed to live a meaningful life. The second important condition is having goals that allow you to use your strengths to create states of flow or engagement. This is often referred to as a need for competence […]

Retirement: 4 Strategies to Achieve a Life Worth Living

A big question for early retirees is what will replace work activities to make life worth living. Positive Psychology is the science of the "good" life which is concerned with character, purpose, and happiness. It is about enhancing personal and professional effectiveness, optimism, and resilience in every stage of your life. Research studies indicate that […]

What Positive Psychology Can Do for You

Are you confused or curious about what Positive Psychology is and how it can be helpful to you? The term Positive Psychology was basically unknown eight years ago. Today there are numerous books, newspaper and magazine articles mentioning how you can be happier and live a meaningful life based on the scientific research findings from […]