Discover the Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Having others to share our thoughts and feelings with makes life more meaningful. To have healthy relationships, it is important to know how to nurture and care for them. If you want healthier relationships, the following statements will give you insight into which behaviors come naturally for […]

How Healthy Are Your Relationship Communication Skills?

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship – that means almost all of us – knows that while cruising along life’s highway in tandem with someone else, you are likely to come upon some bumps. There might even be some potholes or roadblocks. We also know that relationships are an important part of feeling […]

Do You Know the Ingredients for Conflict?

Since conflict is unavoidable, it is important to develop strategies for understanding and managing conflict in your life. I like to think of conflict as a signal that something is trying to happen. For instance, you will notice conflict any time you are in a situation where there are different opinions and ideas. Conflict tends […]

What Positive Psychology Can Do for You

Are you confused or curious about what Positive Psychology is and how it can be helpful to you? The term Positive Psychology was basically unknown eight years ago.  Today there are numerous books, newspaper and magazine articles mentioning how you can be happier and live a meaningful life based on the scientific research findings from […]