Want to Increase Your Confidence? Here’s How

I am often asked how to increase confidence. My usual response is to ask how did you become confident in something you already do well?  I get a variety of responses to my question. Usually though the general idea is that they started to do something by initiating a first step. In most cases, they admitted to actively choosing […]

Do This to Have More Creative Ideas

During the leadership training I'm doing this last year, I'm hearing the word "innovation" being used in organizations and companies as they look to the future and envision where they want to be in one or two years. Prospering companies think this way on a regular basis. Participating in some of these meetings started me thinking about […]

What a Strategic Optimist Needs to Know

Information from over ten years of research in the areas of Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Psychology are being used in businesses and organizations to create Strategic Optimism. This same type of optimism is equally important in your personal life. Strategic Optimism means having a positive expectation for the future that contributes to flourishing and […]

My Thoughts About Beginning 2014

First of all, I want to thank you for checking out my blog posts and following me this last year. I'm always glad to get your comments and learn more about what you are interested in. I hope you will continue to let me know how you feel about what I write. I welcome new […]

Are Harsh Retirement Realities Making You Stuck?

Recently the Chicago Tribune had an article on its front page about retirement with the subtitle: “Harsh realities of busted system have boomers stuck in the workforce.” While I am well aware of the many challenges for Boomers thinking about rertirement (many of my clients are Boomers), I was shocked by the use of the […]

3 Decisions You Can Make to Increase Your Motivation

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about motivation. It seems that a lot of people are feeling stuck. The economy is still struggling and unemployment remains high. In addition, we are going into a busy time of year with holidays approaching. “To-do” lists get longer and day light hours get shorter. Longer […]