Feeling Stressed? Use These Tips To Be Happier

We feel stress for a variety of reasons. To some degree, it depends on what is important to us. Sometimes it happens because of tragedies, such as the recent Boston Marathon bomb blasts mentioned in my welcome message. Other times, it happens because of the economy, weather related disasters, relationship or health problems, a death, […]

Retiring? 5 Warning Signs You Are Stuck

Deciding to retire is a major decision in your life. This is especially true for Boomers because there are no models that fit all of the challenges ahead. With a possible 25 plus years added to your life span, there are a lot of decisions to be made in three main areas of your life. These […]

Retiring: 4 Secrets to Make Change Positive

Retiring means making a significant change in your life. That is a major reason you may have mixed feelings about "retiring." These changes have an impact on six areas of your life: Career and work Health and wellness Income and finances Family and relationships Social interaction and leisure Personal development Just the idea of beginning […]

Are Harsh Retirement Realities Making You Stuck?

Recently the Chicago Tribune had an article on its front page about retirement with the subtitle: “Harsh realities of busted system have boomers stuck in the workforce.” While I am well aware of the many challenges for Boomers thinking about rertirement (many of my clients are Boomers), I was shocked by the use of the […]

How to Build Your Emotional Strength before You Retire

Planning for retirement can be challenging because of the changes you will be facing and the many decisions you will be making. By this time in your life, you also know you live in an imperfect world. Fortunately, you have a choice about how to live in an imperfect world. As you go through this transition, you […]

What Does It Mean to Retire?

Several months ago, I did a pre-retirement seminar for the Trust Company of Illinois (TCI), a financial planning company in Illinois. Afterwards, John Duckworth, a partner for the company wrote a blog post about the seminar. I thought you might find it interesting to read his comments about the seminar as he has firsthand experience […]