"In addition to the Emotional Intelligence Program, Maurine continues to conduct pre-assessments and post-assessments to ensure that the coaching is of benefit to our supervisors. Improvements have always been noted in the post-assessments. …We are very pleased with Maurine."

Kathy Livernois

SPHR, Director of Human Resources

"Dr. Patten is an excellent Coach, with great intuition and demonstrated mastery of the ICF Coaching Competencies. She stays with her clients during each coaching session, shows her clients great personal respect, and does not hesitate to ask Powerful Questions in order to assist her clients to better understand their own perspective and to forward the action with her clients."

Dr. Randi Sigmund Smith - Managing Principal

The Virtual Group Institute, LLC

"The coaching sessions have enabled me to determine what specific problems I may be experiencing, personal or work, and then determine and implement the appropriate responses so that I could turn those problems into opportunities for growth and resolution. In addition, I have a greater understanding of why I feel certain emotions and accept them and move on. The focus is always on the positive."

Mary Lawson

Human Resources Director

"I have been pursuing a career for 33 years balancing an active family (three children), the recent death of parents and now I am facing retirement. One day I woke up and said, “What am I looking forward to?” I was satisfied with my career, my kids were launched into the adult world and my spouse was working in a position that absorbed her.

Ms. Patten listened to my dilemma and coached ME to define a life plan looking forward to and beyond retirement. The life plan included my seeking out additional education in a related but different field from my chosen career. This education, which I am now engaged in is enhancing my present career and give me a new skill set that will provide me with the opportunity for post-retirement fulfillment. Thank you for giving me the results I needed at a critical time in my life."

Mark K.

Director of Public Works

"I was thinking about you today and wanted to give you an update since it’s been a while since we worked together. I’m still with the state of IL and am taking the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor exam. There are a lot of possibilities out there. I attended a summer Writer’s Conference and got encouragement from a person I met who works for Random House. For now, I want to spend more time on my novel and a relationship.

I send my good wishes to you as you have always helped me get and stay grounded. You are one of the great healers in my life, and I shall never forget working with you."

James M.

Rehabilitation Counselor

"My life is indeed changed in all good ways. I have confidence and am more resilient. When I think that perhaps this is the way I will think and be for the rest of my life, I’m so very thankful.

I’m not expecting life to be happy or that I will always get it right. I know I can weather storms and crises now and still look forward to whatever life has to offer. This is a different way of living that gives me peace beyond the circumstances of the day.

You were an agent of change for me, and I’m so very grateful for what you do."

Jen B.


"Maurine, Thank you for helping me apply to graduate school at Northwestern University. As a person that has been out of school for 38 years, I had questions and concerns. First, if accepted could I do the work? Second, how different is graduate school from under graduate school? Third, will I fit in with a much younger cohort group? Your coaching helped me resolve these questions.

Part of the process was updating my resume as well as editing my application stressing my career as a manufacturer’s representative. A critical aspect was to focus my application on what I could contribute to the Northwestern program.

Thanks to your assistance and coaching: I enrolled at Northwestern, was accepted and graduated July 30, 2011 with a Master of Science in Communication."

Peter H.

Manufacturer’s Representative

"I have been FANTASTIC! All of a sudden my attitude has been positive, productive and forward-thinking! I have made tremendous progress and headway on cleaning up and organizing both my work and home environment!
I feel that, all of a sudden, everything we spoke about, and all my past efforts and successes, are finally coming FULL-CIRCLE, and I am responding accordingly!

What a God-Send...what a Blessing! And largely, thanks to you, Maurine!

Thank-you so much for your help. . .God Bless You good lady!"

Jim R.

Artist / Educator