Key Steps to Take to Be More Resilient

Resilience is an important skill in our world today because it is about building mental and emotional toughness. It is necessary in times of transition and in both your personal and professional life.

In addition, all relationships require resilience if they are going to be maintained. This is especially true when there is a serious health problem for you or a family member. For that matter, can you imagine being a parent or married today without being resilient?

Also, handling the ups and downs at work on a daily basis, being unemployed or approaching retirement requires resilience.

When you are facing a challenging situation, it is absolutely necessary that you avoid feeling helpless. To do that, choose to think in one or more of the following ways about the situation:

  1. It is temporary – it will go away soon (not permanent).
  2. I can do something about it, or can influence those who can (not helpless).
  3. It is just this one situation, person or group of people in my life (not everything).

To create a mindset that will make you the most resilient, use all three of these thought patterns. That is what truly resilient people do.

With a helpful mindset, you are ready to take the following 7 action steps. Open your mind to new, creative solutions and put your energy into choosing to:

  1. See yourself as a problem solver who finds solutions.
  2. Make a plan to achieve something that is important to you each day – even if it is only for 15 minutes. It is valuable in building self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Seek out what is good in yourself, others and in situations as opposed to what is bad.
  4. Focus on things you are grateful for and appreciate. It can change your thought pattern from hopeless to hopeful.
  5. Believe you are a survivor (not a victim) if bad things have happend to you in the past.
  6. Be consistent in what you say and do. This is critical in building trust with others.
  7. Be curious, flexible and patient with yourself as you move toward your goals.

As you use the above steps, remember to look for opportunities and the resources you have within and around you. As you determine how to use these resources, you will find the support you need to renew your hope and be resilient.

If you want to get clearer about how you can be more resilient, email me to set up a time to talk. Comment below about what helps you feel resilient in today's world.

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