Thinking about Retiring: Do You Do This?

There is a lot to think about when you think about retiring. It can be overwhelming. Of course, the financial planning piece is crucial. Hopefully, you have been working on that for a while. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t the only thing you need to be thinking about. In addition to financial planning I recommend you take some time to: 

Discover the best of your past. 

The transition from one stage of life into another is a crucial step because you are going through a creative time of reinventing yourself.

What are the benefits of doing this?

As you reflect on times when you have performed at your best or your best past experiences, you build your sense of confidence. Highlighting positive experiences creates positive emotions that flood the brain with important chemicals necessary for well-being: dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals help you to think quickly, creatively, and laterally.

Tip: This is especially important if you are choosing to continue working and need to do interviews. In addition to the above benefits, you will be more collaborative. 

What is a good way to discover the best of your past?

To do this, I ask my clients to think of times they were pleased with the outcome of something important to them. It might be a time you felt alive or engaged in what you were doing. You can make a list of those times in your life. For each time, write down the feelings you remember having. List the strengths you were using during that time. Finally, write down why this situation was important to you.

What if negative things come up?

If negative thoughts about times in your life when you were not as effective interrupt you, take a slow, deep breath and acknowledge them as you choose to refocus on a positive situation. To relive the experience, notice the details in the positive situation, such as where you were, who you were with, and what you were hearing. Then savor that experience. Doing this will help embellish your memory and make it easier to savor something.

Because this step increases self-awareness, I have found this step to be essential in helping my clients uncover their potential during the retirement lifestyle transition. 

Comment below about what did you learn about yourself when you tried discovering the best of your past?

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