My Thoughts About Beginning 2014

First of all, I want to thank you for checking out my blog posts and following me this last year. I'm always glad to get your comments and learn more about what you are interested in. I hope you will continue to let me know how you feel about what I write. I welcome new insights on any of the topics I write about.

While I don't know what this year will be like, my hope is that it will be a healthy one. Without good health it is difficult to focus on the many things that need to be done and be productive.

I like the feeling at the beginning of a year of having a fresh start. I also like looking back at the past year to learn what I may need or want to do differently. I especially like to think of the positive experiences and learning what I want to take with me into the New Year. This last year was one of my busiest doing leadership training. This area is very dear to my heart, and I love doing it. I also continue to keep up with the new things that are happening in the area of leadership. I also am enjoying working with my private clients that are making decisions about what they want to do with their life when they retire. It is exciting to see all the different ways people can find joy and meaning during this gift of time in their life.

As I start 2014, there are things I hope to add to my business. One of those will be to host some teleclasses with the possibility of creating a group coaching program. Of course there continues to be the option of one-on-one coaching and consulting.

In addition, I am excited about a new program I am developing. What is so wonderful about this program is that it helps you transform yourself so you become the person you WANT to be. It has a growth mindset and teaches you to understand your mind more deeply and use conscious choice to engage your brain. You

  • Believe in yourself
  • Have the power to change and
  • Positively impact others.

Participating in this training, you move from going through the motions in your life and useless striving to living a life worth living with meaning and confidence. You become the fully vibrant, passionate person you were born to be. There is no time like the present to look at where you are in life and make the transition to the person you want to be.

If this sounds interesting and exciting to you, email me for more information about a complimentary Lifestyle Transition Conversation to ensure your life is all you want it to be.

As you think about 2013, you might want to list the things you were proud of or that gave you joy. Remind yourself of these accomplishments and times of happiness – big or small when you feel unsure of yourself. Focus on your strengths that have helped you to be where you are now.

My best wishes to you for a fulfilling and meaningful 2014.

Until next time,


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