Want To Be Happier During the Holidays?

Are you wondering if your holidays (or any event you have prepared for) will be happy? There are two things research has shown increase your chance of happiness.

As we approach the upcoming holidays and celebrations, you may be feeling exhausted from all the preparation the last several weeks. You may be wishing you could have the energy you need to truly enjoy the holidays.

What would it take for you to actually make a "special" time, such as the holidays, joy-filled?

First of all, research tells us that money doesn't buy happiness. We know we need enough money to pay bills and live somewhat comfortably. After that, more money doesn't result in more happiness.

What else do we know about the relationship between money and happiness?

There is a way that money can help you be happier though. It is known that if you give money away or use it to help someone else, you improve your social rank, and you will be happier over time. Do a little experiment yourself. During this gift giving time of the year, notice how you feel when you see someone open a gift from you that is really appreciated. How much joy does that bring you? Also notice how long this feeling lasts.

The second thing we know about how to increase happiness is that positive experiences are more happiness inducing and longer lasting than possessions. What does that mean to you?

Here are some suggestions for creating positive experiences:

  • Find things to do together talking walks, sledding, savoring nature or the scenery around you.
  • Take a trip to the zoo or hike in a park or forest preserve.
  • Build a big snowman.
  • Cook together instead of eating out.
  • Plan a game night using cards or board games.

If money permits, vacations can be a bonding time. This works especially well when everyone participates in the planning.

Why does creating positive experiences work?

In contrast to buying things or stuff, experiences create memories that have an emotional photograph of the experience. These pictures make a big emotional imprint in your brain.  Hopefully, your pictures will create a positive emotional memory and imprint in your brain which will create joy and happiness that is long lasting.

The ideas above are just a start. What other ideas can you add that will work especially for you?

How will you use this information to bring added joy and happiness into your life?  

Best wishes for a joy-filled and happy holiday season.

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