What Changes Do You Want This Year?

This is the time of year that I like to choose 3 words that will be my theme for the year. Last year my three words were: health, focus and joy. This works much better for me than making resolutions. This year I have chosen simplify, playful, and I’m keeping joy. These three words will be my guide as I make choices and changes throughout the year.

As you think about 2015, I encourage you to choose some words that are right for you. You can take your time during the month of January to decide which words resonate with you for this year. Some people like choosing only one word. They call it their “theme word” for the year.

As you think about changes you want this year, the following 4 steps are helpful when you are creating goals – what I prefer to call intentions:

  1. What were the high points of 2014 for you? Did they happen because of your strengths (internal reason) or your resources (external reason) or both?
  2. Find something positive about the low points of 2014 by asking yourself what helped you cope with the situation?
  3. What is going well now, and how can you build on it?
  4. What would you like, and how do you want to be for 2015? Or what are your intentions?

How can you use what you learned from answering these questions to design your first, next step to realizing your intentions? What has to happen to reach your intentions? What’s stopping you? Keep asking yourself these last two questions for each next step you need to take to make your intentions a reality.

Here are 9 additional tips to help you make 2015 meaningful and rewarding:

  1. Plan first. Then prioritize your activities.
  1. Be yourself (authentic) in order to connect with others. Remember belonging can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance.
  1. Write your intentions using a growth mindset. To be more resilient, describe how you can learn and grow and why you care about completing them.
  1. Make your intentions about what you want – in the positive (not about what you want to avoid.)
  1. Remember, breathing deeply and slowly energizes and relaxes you.
  1. Remind yourself of what makes you grateful on a regular basis. Savor special times.
  1. Have an open mind, and choose something even if it isn’t perfect.
  1. Pay attention to your moment-by-moment experience so you actually know what makes you happy. Then, do more of what you know from experience that makes you happy, not what you think makes you happy.
  1. Keep learning.

If you are looking for ways to make this one of your best years yet, let’s talk. Email me for a complimentary Lifestyle Transition Conversation to ensure your life is satisfying, meaningful and joy-filled.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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