What Do You Have to Manage To Be More Effective?

A new year is about to begin. After thinking about what went well for you in 2010, you need to think about your role in making that happen. Did you:

  • Practice using new skills that you have learned?
  • Develop healthy eating, exercise and sleep habits?
  • Think more positively when you were feeling stressed?
  • Remember to be grateful for the little things in life?

Your list might have some of  the above ideas or others. The important thing is for you to be aware of your role when good things happen so that you can continue to build on your success.

As you think about making this coming year one of your best, you need to focus on how you manage your energy. Authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz remind us of the importance of focusing and managing energy for increased effectiveness and personal renewal in their book The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High and Personal Renewal (2003).

They found that your health, happiness and success will be grounded in the choices you make to skillfully manage your energy. This is even more true today than it was when they wrote their book.

Think of the hundreds of distractions you have to deal with on a daily basis. Each one takes some of your energy. By noon, you may find yourself with little to no energy left to focus on the tasks that need to be done. With little to no recovery time, you will be less effective and more prone to burnout which leads to diminished caring about what you do.

To be engaged and effective, you must have enough energy in 4 areas:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental and
  4. Spiritual

Begin to notice how you feel when each of these energy levels is low. What are your symptoms?

What do you do when your energy is low? Do you ignore your symptoms and try to push through, or do you choose to do something that will be renewing and help you recover?

The key to being more effective is to learn to balance your energy expenditure with your recovery time.

My next post will give you tips to do just that.

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How important is this to you? Comment below.

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