What You Need to Know about Feeling Passionate about Your Life

Are you tired of feeling like you are just going through the motions in life? How would things be different for you if you felt excited or passionate about your life – if you felt engaged? Feeling engaged in what you are doing is one of the three types of happiness described in A Primer in Positive Psychology (2006) by Christopher Peterson. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to it as flow. Engagement is considered a type of happiness because you are creating positive emotions that make you emotionally stronger. Furthermore, these emotional resources or psychological capital build your cognitive and behavioral repertoire for future action.

What actually is engagement?

Engagement is a state of being we have all been in from time to time. It may or may not last long. Typically, it happens when you are involved in an activity that attracts and holds your attention. You are usually using one or more of your strengths. Athletes refer to it as "being in the zone." Others usually say it is being focused.

How do you know if you are engaged when you are doing something?

Characteristics of being engaged are:

  • Having high levels of concentration and focus.
  • Being unaware of feelings in the moment because you are so focused on what you are doing.
  • Feeling invigorated afterwords instead of tired.
  • Losing track of time.
  • Living your values.
  • Being authentic.

In the workplace, employers need engaged employees. It increases motivation and confidence. The atmosphere becomes more positive, and productivity increases. Engagement is important in building relationships because you are focusing on the other person. When you able to give this focused attention to someone, you are building trust and respect. Action Step: List activities that are easy for you to focus your attention on. Where in your life do you want to increase engagement? How will you create time to do that? Comment below about what engagement means to you. In my next post, I will discuss ways to increase your engagement and happiness. To your success, Maurine

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