You Can Do These 4 Things to Be More Resilient

No matter what stage in life you are in, to increase your satisfaction and happiness, you need to be resilient. When you are resilient, you regain your sense of balance as you struggle or deal with change or a challenge. This last week I gave you 3 characteristics of resilience.

Read below for 4 more characteristics of resilience:

1. A sense of mastery and control over your destiny

You may not be able to predict the future, but you can tackle a problem instead of feeling at the mercy of forces outside of your control. Resilient people know that ultimately their survival and the integrity of their life values depend on their ability to take action rather than remain passive. Tough times call for you to tap into your own personal strengths and act.

2. Self-reflection and insight

Life's experiences provide fertile ground for learning. This is especially true as you move into retirement. Asking yourself questions that invite introspection can open a door to new understanding and appreciation of who you are and what you stand for. Giving voice to your thoughts and feelings leads to insight and helps transform the meaning of a problem into something useful. Learn from life situations and do not punish yourself because of decisions made in the past.

3. A wide range of interests

People who show resilience in the face of adversity are those who have diverse interests. Because their lives are rich and vaired, it is easier for them to find relief from the single mindedness and worry that often accompanies change or a crisis. Be open to new experiences and ideas.

4. A sense of humor

Have you ever had a wry laugh during a difficult situation? Seeing genuine humor in a stituation stimulates your sense of hope and possibility. Humor has both psychological and physical benefits in relieving stress because it encourages a swift change in your perception of the circumstances. It also creates a neurochemical change in the brain. Change your thoughts and your mood will follow.

Life disruptions are not necessarily a bad thing because they help you grow and meet future challenges. Find ways to improve these areas now so you will be prepared when challenges pay you a visit. You will be glad you did!

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